ALTROVE (english version)

Tossica Animica – videoclip

Altrove means “Elsewhere” and is the name Ashai Lombardo Arop choose for her music career. Singer-songwriter, dancer and actress, with multiple origins and indefinite landing places. Ashai seeks and tells her elsewhere through music, body and words.

“Dance has been placenta for my music.”

On January 20, 2023 she released her debut album “Tossica Animica” (link), with which she collected precious reviews.


 On may 2023 the first videoclip of the first single, also the title track of the album, “Tossica animica” is awarded in the Doremifasud competition at the C.I.Q. of Milan (link).  

Premio Doremifasud – Milano 2023

 On agosto 2023 the track ”La Terra all’Umano” (Earth to Humans) wins the price as the best Ecogreen track in the contest ECOFUTURE of MEI (Indipendent Labels Meeting).

To listen to LA TERRA ALL’UMANO click the link below


“An album that is an excursion to places where sometimes not even thoughts dare to go. Altrove’s album is called Tossica Animica … it celebrates creativity, a saving creativity, which pushes towards an “elsewhere” where everything is possible.”

Fabrizio Basso, SKyTg24 

“A record that doesn’t lie and that doesn’t need strange turns of words. And it says it in huge letters playing cards of poetic sensitivity but also of a preciuos and refined pop in the form. Never banal… she is Altrove.”


“Che bel disco d’esordio questo che ci regala Altrove. Emancipazione dietro ogni angolo da cui vogliamo guardare questo lavoro: accettazione, diversità, inclusione… e poi la vita che scorre colorata ed eccentrica ma anche riflessiva e contemplativa… c’è tutto questo mondo dietro le trame del pop d’autore di Altrove.” 

Top Stage Magazine

She was born in Genoa from an Italian mother and a South Sudanese father. She began writing songs at the age of 11, at the age of 20 she goes to London and among other things she studies Gospel singing at Morley College and becoming part of the Morley College Gospel Choir directed by Colin Vassel. Back in Italy she graduated with honors in Bologna in Theater Studies and during the university period she continued to sing gospels in the choir Spiritual Esamble and world music in the multi-ethnic choir Mikrokosmos, directed by M° Michele Napolitano. After graduating she moved to Rome, starting to work actively in the world of theatre, ethnic and contemporary dance and cinema, collaborating with Ettore Scola, Michele Placido, Fabrizio Bentivoglio, Massimo Ranieri, Lello Arena, Tato Russo, Maurizio Scaparro, Antonio Calenda , Veronica Pivetti, Eleonora Abbagnato, etc… Subsequently she studied Pop singing at the Saint Louis College of Music (link) and continued to study with Gabriella Aiello, one of the leading experts in popular music and collaborator of Giovanna Marini.

In 2013 she’s been Francesco Di Giacomo‘s Cinderella in his latest show “Cinderella. The missing part” (Banco del mutuo soccorso) at the Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome.

In 2015 she began working with the Orchestra di Piazza Vittorio (OPV) in “Carmen“ alongside Mama Marjas (Roman Philharmonic, Teatro Olimpico) and in 2018 she was one of the three fairies in the OPV’s film “The Magic Flute”.

Her path is closely linked to the music of southern Italy and over the years she’s had the opportunity to collaborate with Marcello Colasurdo, Antonio Infantino, Carlo Faiello, Maurizio Capone, Arakne Medoterranea, Lino Canavacciuolo, etc…

“From the audience  I welcome and to the audience I give pieces of life and fragments of history.”

She has participated in numerous national and international festivals including: World Refugee Day, Teatro India 2019; Folk&Bifolk – Everything is possible tonight (RAI  TV program directed by Amadeus – link); Ma. Ma. (Maschio Angioino, Naples) MigrArti 2018; So Far So Close – MigrArti 2017 (AS FILM FESTIVAL c/o MAXII – National Museum of XXI Century Arts – Rome); Kunstpartiet (NTL Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium/Odin Teatret, 2016); Dak’Art 2016 – Dakar Art Biennial (Musée de Dakar IFAN); Spring of Culture 2016 (Bahrein), Festa D’Africa Festival 2014, Teatro Palladium (Rome, Italy); Italian Republic Day 2014 (Jedda, Saudi Arabia); Festival Corpi Urbani 2013 with the solo “Out Of Body Experience” (Genoa, Italy); July Sounds Well 2013, Auditorium Parco della Musica (Rome, Italy); Intricanti Festival 2013 (Sorrento, Italy); Notte della Taranta 2011 (guest of Arakne Mediterranea), Notte della Taranta 2022 (guest of Ziad Trabelsi Ensamble), Mare Nostrum and Mediterranean Music Festival 2011, Hosige&Dosige 2010 (Vienna, Austria), Arezzo Festival (2009, 2010), Day World Dance Championship (2009, 2010), Bansko Jazz Festival 2009 (Bulgaria), Mediterranean Music Festival (Genoa 2009), Sarajevskazima 2008 (Sarajevo, Bosnia), Rencontres Méditerranéennes (Montpellier 2008), Notte Bianca (Genoa 2007), Womajazz (Prato, 2007), Festival delle Culture (Bologna), 2nd Anniversary of the Neapolitan Song Sound Archive (RAI TV Auditorium – Naples 2006), La Notte della Tammorra (Naples 2006 and 2019), Aphroscopy 2007 (AMANI for Africa), Leuciana Festival and Settembre al Borgo (Caserta, 2006 and 2010) etc…

She conceived and self-produced three musical shows:

  • Senza Radici (Rootless) – link – (Mediterranean Festival 2009, Olympic Theater 2012);
  • Tammurriata Nera. An african expression tammurriata, which she staged at the Maschio Angioino (Napoli) in 2012 with the participation of Maurizio Capone and Marcello Colasurdo;
  • Esodo-1876-1976 – link – recital that tells the story of Italian immigrants abroad through music, dance and words (also staged at the Teatro Flavio Vespasiano in Rieti for the Atcl).


ALTROVE di Altrove