A Piedi Nudi Sul Cemento


Ancient rituals in contemporary society

Type of work: multi-media performance

concept: Ashai Lombardo Arop

“In the hard operational labor that is taking place in the technological society […]

mankind is grasped as anticipation and project,

  but he doesn’t know where, in the end, it’s really worth going.

  His is the thought of a nomad who does not go to the promised land. ”

Peter Prini

Plotinus and the foundation of inner humanism (1992)


In the spasmodic race in the incessant search for the end of all things, our man/woman/individual is slowly attacked by the pangs of doubt, which lead him to slow down and start looking around. It is thus that in the apex moment of the mass-media revolution of virtual reality, the multi-linguistic qualities of the body, the great excluded of our age, re-emerge, not in contrast to progress, but in fraternal collaboration with it, in a perspective of recovery and consequent reuse of dispersed energy.

Ancient rites will become, for contemporary society, an outlet, entertainment, liberation, aesthetic perspective and creative methodology, never explored before and, above all, contact with otherness.

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